So I bet you’re wondering……

So I bet you’re wondering……

     What’s with all the mushrooms? What does BrB stand for? Wow, this looks new! And, I plan on giving you answers to all those questions in this post. 

      Hi everyone! My name is Kim, but I also go by Mom, Chef and Tiny k. I think my love for mushrooms really started in 2009. We moved to California from Texas as a family, and by the American River I found death cap mushrooms. I was instantly enthralled with watching the process of flush to decomposition. Fast forward to 2023, and I’m so happy the world is really starting to see fungi more as a medicine, food source, clean up crew than some weird things growing in our house plants’ pots. They are amazing little wonders and I love using them in my art. I always pick responsibly, sustainably, and mindfully. I make sure to respect the area in which it comes from as well as the fun-guy its self. I use a gentle drying method to try and keep the color as well as shape of the mushrooms. Other things you may see in my work is mosses of all types and a variety of lichen. These are some of my favorite things in the forest! So beautiful and diverse! I make sure to sustainably gather these things as well: you won’t see me ripping anything off a tree! Any other items such as flowers, leaves and buds, you can be comforted by the fact that my lil guys bring me many of those treasures when we are out hiking or walking trails. The picture you see above was drawn by my 8 year old after a great time out in the woods. The love we have for nature and being outside, I hope is translated into my work. 

  What a great time to get to the second burning question! What does BrB stand for!? Well, in my family we have a long line of strong women that helped mold me into the person I am today. My great grandmother, Irma Raye Byrd, my grandmother Polly Raye Byrd, and my mom Rhonda Bishop were in my life at the same time for a short period of my life, but I took away so much knowledge, love, lessons, and character traits. So, BrB stands for Byrd Raye Bishop. I wanted them to be in the forefront and be in my heart as I embarked on this entrepreneurial adventure of my own. Of course I just HAD to throw in my K on “Kreations” just so I was in there too! 

  And, yes! This is new! I’m excited to launch this part of my business journey. That being said, any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on the “contact” page and I can clear up anything for u in a timely manner! Thank you. Bless you. Be well! 

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Crystallized mushrooms 🍄 who woulda thought

Chris stubbs

Im so flattered! Thank you baby!
NOW knock em dead!!!!


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